Quarantine 2020

I cannot actually believe this has happened. Schools are closed in the US, if your job is not essential, most people are working from home, and MILLIONS of Americans are on unemployment, probably the highest numbers we’ve been. Covid-19 has caused all of this and more to happen. I haven’t grocery shopped in a month. My husband, Joe has been doing all the shopping, we try to online order when we can but that’s also out of the question at times, forcing him to go to the store. I fear him catching this while I’m pregnant. It’s been a few weeks since we’ve been told to stay at home and I still can’t believe this. I am 28 weeks pregnant and it’s been quite a ride. I had a friend in Europe deliver her second baby without her husband in the hospital. I asked my doctor if I delivered if I’d be able to have my husband, so far they are allowing one person in the room. If I were to test positive for this virus while giving birth, they would take my baby and not let me hold, breastfeed but I could pump for my baby. My last two children were born in flu season, so I’ve been used to restrictions but not like this. This is different, this is sad, especially for new moms who are experiencing this as their first pregnancy. I can’t imagine having more anxiety then I already have. This is my third child, I know what to expect although anything can happen in that hospital room when it’s time I know I have done it twice so I might be ok delivering alone with the doctor and nurses if I needed to. I know so many women that cancelled their baby showers because we cannot have get together right now. At one point we didn’t have enough ventilators for people and it is what was keeping people alive from this virus. How could the united states of America not provide enough medical supplies? With our technology, with our modern medicine, we were NOT prepared and it’s sad. I’m sad that so many people died from this, I’m sad that my kids don’t understand what is happening and why their world has been turned upside down. So far, we’ve been lucky. I have listening to the rules, even before it really hit I started keeping my kids away from play areas, large public places like libraries which we love and should never have to fear going to. The flu was hitting for it’s second strain and I was nervous. My daughter has asthma, and when she gets sick, it’s VERY difficult and I feel awful for her. This has been a rough few months, we have hope we are hearing some states are opening up again, but it’s still scary, we fear it will come back in fall and it’s still not completley done. There are plenty of companies working on vaccines but it won’t happen for at least a year we believe. And even then, it would be such a new vaccine there are so many questions that we would all have. Pandemics are life changing and it is something we will never forget.

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