I debated if I wanted to blog about this, I debated if I wanted to title my post miscarriage. It’s a word noone wants to say, it’s something no one wants to go through but it happens. It happens ALOT more then it should. I just had my second. Joe and I were discussing if we wanted to try for another baby and he wanted to wait a year, I didn’t agree. I want all my babies to grow up together because that’s what I had envisioned. One morning, I decided to take a test and it came out positive. I couldn’t believe it, I was beyond excited. We decided not to tell the kids and it was really hard. But in the end, I was happy we didn’t tell them. We only told some of our family about it, and we kept it from our friends. After having one miscarriage you tend to be really nervous, they say its best to wait until your 13-15 weeks so share the news because chances of a miscarriage go down. When your going through something like this there are so many things you don’t want to hear. Someone very close to me said, “you were blessed with two kids so your very lucky” like I should stop there. It completely hurt me. Yes, I am lucky to have my two kids but at that particular moment as I’m literally going through it, I don’t need to hear that. I’m a human, not a robot I have feelings and I am allowed to feel the way I feel. There are so many women out there that have their own stories, there are so many women out there still fighting to have their first baby. Don’t give up, research, find a doctor, change your diet, explore other options if it’s really what you want but don’t forget to live your life.