Sunday Funday

Usually, I like waiting for the entire house to be quiet to write. Babies asleep for the night, dog walked, dishes done, mama in her jammies. But tonight, I am SO excited that I got my android phone back that I had to blog about it. That’s right girls, I have an android and I love it. Joe brought me over to the dark side as he calls it. I used to be an apple girl but my husband surprised me with a new phone and ever since I have loved it. I am promising myself I’m never going back.

Sunday Fundays are seriously my favorite. I used to day drink on patios, take afternoon naps and do take out for dinner. I said USED to. Today, my view right now, is my son in his undies because he’s currently being potty trained. My daughter is pooping in the bathroom with her tablet, and I’m getting a few minutes of peace. My husband is currently picking up playdoh because it is everywhere. We went to see a movie as a family and it was great, we did late lunch, picked up my fixed phone (totally cracked my screen at target a few weeks ago, like I didn’t spend enough money there I cracked my damn phone screen too), and finally picked up cupcakes from Jewel for my daughters class since her birthday is this week. Now, I’m just counting the time until we the kids go to bed so I can put on netflix and have a cup of tea before Monday starts. Sunday Funday sure is different then it was when I was 20, but I would not change a thing.

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