Sick mama

So who takes care of mama when she’s sick? Today, Vida (she’s 4) woke up in the morning and gave me pretend food and said “Mommy I made it for you since your sick”. It’s almost 2 PM and my husband didn’t even ask me if I was feeling better. My husband works from home a lot, but it doesn’t make it any easier for me. I’m not complaining that he works from home, but he REALLY works. He has to, being a sick SAHM is so hard because I don’t have anywhere to take the kids, since I am their school, and their daycare. Here are some tips to make life a little easier when we aren’t feeling our best.

1] Take meds! If you really need it, take day time medicine. It will help a ton, till your husband can take over or at least help out. If your a single mama, ask someone to help you out when they are done with work; neighbors you trust, friends

2] Do grocery pick up so you have plenty of easy snacks for the kids to grab themselves if they are old enough. We have an awesome Wal mart that I do all my grocery pick up from. I usually do it the night before on my phone, and pick it up early the next morning without getting my kids out of my car. It’s LIFE CHANGING.

3] GET REST; right now my 2 year old Nico is asleep, Vida is watching netflix quietly. I can’t nap because I drank a massive iced coffee, and now I’m on my afternoon coffee. But at least I’m lying down writing and I went to bed early last night!

4] If you feel up for it, let the kids play outside for a bit. It was raining all morning, and all we did today was pick up groceries. So my kids needed a little outside time. We all put our rain boots on and they spalashed in puddles, and mud. They LOVED it.

5] EAT! I didn’t really feel hungry today but I need energy to keep up with these monkeys so I’ve eaten 3 small meals so far today.

FEEL BETTER MAMA!!! And remember if your really miserable, don’t feel guilty if you put on the tv to help you out for a little bit! You need to get better and be healthy, for yourself and for your babies!

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