Hostest with the mostest

Being a host is fun and STRESSFUL! I love when everything is perfect just like everyone else, but that just isn’t reality. Yes, you need to be prepared but you also need to have fun. People sense your stress, especially your kiddos! I need to remember this always. Things that help me throw a fun party is:

  1. Pick a theme- This is key. It’s really a starting point for your entire party. I always try to buy my decor weeks before a party, so I don’t feel super overwhelmed because you have to purchase all the food and drinks right before the party.
  2.  You should have everything prepped BEFORE people arrive. I always try to have snacks cut up, everything refrigerated beforehand, juices and waters out or readily available to guests. When everyone is arriving, just shoutout drinks are in the fridge, my husband is constantly asking if anyone wants anything to drink, it’s cute. Crockpots are AWESOME for keeping things warm. I once had a taco party I had ground beef taco meat in the crock, guests even made nachos. It was easy and delicious. I changed it up because we always do pizza.
  3. Activities. Have something to do for the kids, this is HUGE. If kids are bored the house gets trashed. This is real, the older kids will start saying they are bored or start just taking toys out because they need an acivity. I always do freeze dance, all kids love this. Put music on and have someone in charge of it, the adults like to watch their littles dance. It is CUTE. I try to save this acivity for before and after the cake. Get that sugar rush out. I offer prizes because let’s get real, who doesn’t love prizes!? The kids get SO excited for play, I totally bribe. I like doing Pin the tail on the whatever your theme is. This is nice, because even the super little guys can do this. There are a TON of games I usually look up on pintrest. If it’s a summer party, there are even more options because you can do so much more with water. I am also super traditional and always have a pinata! It is truly the best part of a party for me. I love seeing the kids go crazy! Coloring is awesome, I almost always have this out for them to do on a kids table. Taking out a car track and setting it up with a ton of cars for the littles to play too is great. Crafts are awesome but having an adult to help at the table is a must or it gets too messy. Kids parties should be fun and entertainig, it is a kids party so have fun with it!
  4. Food is important. The meal, and snacks! Always snacks. If you want to save a little money, have your parents bring something. This is a big deal for me. My in laws and my parents always help and it’s amazing.
  5. Prizes
  6. beverages for adults. No hard liquor but beer and wines are ok.
  7. Put away special toys your kids don’t want to share.
  8. Clean up before you go to bed, not every single thing but try you’ll feel better in the morning. And if guests, or family memebers want to help you let them

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