Holidays with littles

It’s almost the fourth of July. We have three parties for this holiday this year, and none of it is with our family. We are ok with that, we love our family but we like to spend time with friends too. Afterall, the bigger holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are defintley days with our family. Joe and I both come from a huge family, and now most of us have kids so it’s even bigger. Joe has three sisters, I have two brothers and one sister. On the third we have a party in the city, we are from a suburb in Chicago and it is far from the city. And much much different. We live in a small town, but I do love the City. It’s loud, it’s busy, it’s Chicago. I am actually planning on heading to the City sometime earlier in the day since we don’t go out there much. Maybe do a doughnut shop since we will be with the kids. Chicago has SO MUCH GOOD FOOD. Another day, we have a second birthday to our good friends babygirl. The kids always have fun with them, they have two kids pretty close in age to Vida and Nico so it’s always fun for them. The adults also have fun, we always have wine and beer to help us out. But we drink responsibliy at least one of us has to drive home! I’m a freak about this, when I was younger I didn’t always make the best choices but I’m an adult, and I have kids. Shit happens, so it’s defintley important to have a designted driver! This brings me to the next thing we are doing for the fourth, I told Joe we had three parties this week-end and we decided to stay “home” for the fourth. I want to be able to make a corny fourth of July dessert with Vida, she loves baking with me. I want to be able to drink a couple special mommy drinks, but let’s get real my tolerence is horrible I have two glasses of wine and I’m “LIT”. But at least we’ll be home and I’ll be able to play outside with the kids, water ballons, water table, music and I won’t have to drive anywhere. At night we have two options for fireworks super close to home, like 5 mins. Sometimes, after having such a crazy busy fun week-end we prefer to stay close to home. I have light up wands for the babies, flags, cute outfits for the kiddos, and sparklers! Which is a must for me ever since I was little. Lastly, we have a party Sunday afternoon, another friends house which we adore. They always have stuff for the kids to do, they know how to keep them busy which is always super important at parties so they aren’t tearing their house apart. As always, we are so blessed and grateful to be invited to our friends festivities! I also love hosting bbqs and playdates which will be my next post!

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