Co sleeping

Before I had kids, I never thought sleeping would be a huge part of being a mother. Four years ago, I had my first. Mi Vida, my life. I was so paranoid of her not breathing at night or if I fell in a deep sleep that I wouldn’t hear her. I began safe co sleeping. It is not for everyone, and that’s ok. I will always say some things that work for me, will not work for others, and that’s ok. Breastfeeding at first, was exhausting because she woke up so often during the night to nurse. When she was a few weeks old, is when I decided to try co sleeping. I read the rules for safe co sleeping. Kellymom has always been my go to. My main rules are no heavy blankets, firm mattress, baby on their back, the only pillow I had was my own, and I wore a robe because I like keeping my room cool. To this day, I have a mama robe 🙂 I also always wore my hair up because I had it really long. When Vida started rolling I decided we needed a bed rail because our bed was high. A lot of people even decide to put their mattresses on the floor, but I opted for the bed rail. For me, it was well worth it because I also used it for my second.

Now for the hard part, deciding when it’s time to have your toddler sleep in their own room or bed, or like Vida both! We recently had a big move, she was so used to sleeping in my room and in my bed. I first let her sleep in her toddler bed next to my bed. When I make changes, I like to make them in steps. I have high anxiety and I like to slow transition because I feel like we ALL do better that way. When we first moved, I let her sleep in my bed and told her she can go in her bed too if she choose. I gave her the option. Bedding they like is a pretty big deal, Vida loved her peppa pig bedding her abuelo bought her. She also LOVES stuffed animals, which I feel like her stuffies need a blog post of their own. We began laying with Vida in her bed until she would fall asleep. Sometimes, it was great she wouldnt get up and if she was tired she would usually fall asleep pretty quickly. Dont get my wrong some days, she wasn’t tired but mommy wanted a glass of wine or a shower or both. Those were the hard days, I would get so frustrated and sometimes fall asleep before her. Now, those days are over, for now. I made a sticker chart for her and I owe her a max from secret life of pets dog because she actually slept in her bed alone for the past two weeks! Yes, she gets up sometimes but I always explain things to her and how things need to be. She’s four, she comptley understands almost everything we say. I also told her Nico, her brother goes to sleep in his bed too (she doesn’t know that he sneaks into my bed at night) and if something is ever wrong she knows exatly where to find me. My bedroom. We read a book, she has her favorite blankets, stuffies, curtains closed and lights out. If your child is older then 4 and your co sleeping, you need to do what works for YOU. Some kids aren’t ready yet, sometimes we aren’t ready yet. But we were both pretty ready because it came pretty natural to her, besides her and I LOVE our space. It’s like the end of a breastfeeding journey with your baby, BITTERSWEET. Oh, and she brings 5 toys into bed with me at 6:30am she’s my alarm.

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